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Fair Lending

We assure our clients that all credit lenders are engaged in “fair lending,” which include- equitable and nondiscriminatory access to all information about the loan services such as loan’s terms and conditions, charges, loan extension policy, All types of fees and charges. This helps our clients to get the loan deal they are looking for. 

Fair Debt Collection Practices

1 hour loans California, support all provisions of the Fair Debt Collection Practices designed to collect loan amount. As we are not an actual lender, so we don’t collect debts from consumers. We only co-operate with credit lenders that adhere to applicable debt collection laws, rules, and regulations.

These rules include:

  • Not to contact consumers by phone anytime before 8 a.m. or after 9 p.m to collect the debt,
  • Restriction on annoying, harassing or abusive language by debt collection agencies,
  • No threatening legal recourse if no legal action is allowed and
  • No debt collection via deception or misrepresentation.

On account of short duration of the loan and its unsecured nature, The APR applied on the borrowed amount is higher. So, applicants are suggested to use this loan only for meeting unavoidable financial needs, not for luxurious requirements,

Paying off the loan on the right time is important failing which the lender applies heavy late fines which make it extremely difficult for most of the credit lenders to pay off the borrowed loan amount. Ask for loan extension only when you really don’t have sufficient cash to pay off the loan amount on the due date.

Give accurate data to the lender to get qualified for the loan. Loan applications with inaccurate information are rejected without any consideration,

The credit lender might ask for loan processing fees and a copy of credit report before approving your loan application.

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